Chinese Festival Culture Series The Spring Festival

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Author: Zhang Yue; ;
Language: Chinese, English
Page: 186
Publication Date: 03/2014
ISBN: 9787212070670
Spring Festival, commonly known as New Year is the most ceremonious traditional festival of the Chinese nation, but also a symbol of unity and prosperity for the future sustenance of new The hope of the festive season. Beginning the first year since the Han Dynasty began to summer in (lunar) first day as Rosh Hashanah (ie year). the New Year's date thus fixed. continues to this day. more than 4.0 years of history. Many New Year's customs. China has more than nationalities are the New Year. it has become a nation set pray. celebrate. and entertainment festival festivals. excellent traditional Chinese culture is an important carrier. which contains Chinese culture crystallization of the wisdom and unite the pursuit of life and emotional sustenance Chinese people. inherited the ...
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Chinese Festival Culture Series The Spring Festival