Chinese Festival Culture Series The Tibetan Calendar New Year

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Therefore, actors offer the image of TongdongGyibo in theatre when each Tibetan opera is performed at present. 
As for performance of Tibetan opera, usually square operas are performed and only a few operas adopt the form of stage performance. Flat and open field is selected, a circle is fenced with ropes and posts, and a space is left for entry and exit of actors.A white poplar is inserted in the middle of the scene, and a short table is put under it to sacrifice to Tongdong Gyibo, who is thought to be the god of opera performance. The rest open space is the place for opera performance. The audience stand outside the circle, which looks like a circus. Instrument players sit at the edge of the theatre. 
Instruments for Tibetan opera are very simple, and there are only a drum and a cymbal for percussion music. Actors dress up simply, and they usually wear masks as well as pink powder and rouge, rather than complicated masks. During the performance,one person introduces the plot development to the audience with clappers, which differs from performance of other operas, plot introductions and singing of actors appear alternatively, and one person usually joins in talking and singing behind the stage.
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Chinese Festival Culture Series The Tibetan Calendar New Year