Flu Self-Defence Stimulating Immunity with TCM

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The New TCM Anti-Flu Therapy is an economic,non-drugapproach to flu prevention and treatment.Conforming to life scienceprinciples,it cou]d be especiallY valuable in the context of a seriousglobal flu epidemic and the rapid mutation of flu viruses.The outcome of 30 years of clinical observation and practice,and in line with the holistic New Century Medical Model,thiseasy,effective and scientific method stresses the patient’S activeinvolvement,activating the body’S innate flu defenses throughclearly described and illustrated self-massage and other techniques.It is readily adaptable to the patient’S individual circumstances.

About Author
Wei Huiqiang,born 1941,is a certified and highly experienced chief physician and practitioner,noted for his expert knowledge of massage,acupuncture and moxibustion,daoyin exercise,Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM)cosmetology,non-traumatic acupoint therapy and medical futurology.His broad perspective is embodied in the New Century Medical Model,a biOpsychOsocial approach that combines doctor-given treatment and patient-practiced activity. He is currently Executive Director of the Cosmetology Association under the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies(WFCMS),chief expert of Traditional Chinese Medical Experts Board under China Medical、Ⅳ0men’s Association(CMWA),Deputy President and chief expert of the Medical B oard under China Society for Futures Studies(CSFS),and President of China Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (CAAAM).

Among the author's many previous publications are Small Dose Massage Therapy fo,.Poliomeyelitis Sequelae.WallChar~of New Chinese Massage。Selfmassage for SARS Prevention.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1
1.1 A New Era in the Fight Against Flu
1.2Brief History oftheNewTherapy
1.3 Exploring the Mechanisms ofthe New TCM Health Therapy
1.4 Main Features ofthe NeTherapy
1.5 Points to Note
1.6 Common Techniques ofthTherapy
1.7 Location ofAcupoints
1.8 New Exercises for Preventing the Common Cold
1.9 New Exercises for the Nose
1.10 New Exercises for the Mouth
1.11 New Exercises for the Neck
1.12 How to Strengthen the Chest and Defend Against Cancer
1.1 3 New Self-Massage for Impmving Immunity

Chapter 2
2.1 Treating the Root Cause and Symptoms with a Hair Drier
2.2 The Simple and Effective Moxa-Stick Massage Method
2.3 The Cupping Method for Prevention and Treatment
2.4 The Scientific and Effective Method of Salt.Pack Massage
2.5 Effective Daoyin Exercise for Preventing andTreating Flu and Delaying Ageing

Chapter 3
3.1 The Need for an Improved Biopsychosocial Medical Model
-Ideas and Exploration ofNew Century Medical Model
3.2 Preventing Flu
3.3 Treating Flu
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Sample pages of Flu Self-Defence Stimulating Immunity with TCM (ISBN:9787119061306)

Sample pages of Flu Self-Defence Stimulating Immunity with TCM (ISBN:9787119061306)

preventing flu and in achieving health,beauty and longevity.Themechanism is complex,whether viewed from the standpoint ofTCM or Western medical theory,or in the light of modem researchfindings.Here,an initial exploration of just three aspects isoutlined.TCM Theory1)Harmonize yin and yang,balance the five elements.The therapyclears meridian and collateral channels by acupoint massage SO as to harmonize yin and yang,balance the five elements andpromote harmony between the zang organs(heart,liver,spleen,lung,kidney,pericardium)and the fu organs(small intestine,largeintestine,gall bladdeg urinary bladde~stomach),and between ying(nutrition)and wei(defence).The smooth flow of qi and blood nourishes the whole body and maintains the normal function of a11 organs and tissues,thereby enhancing the body’S immunity to flu.2)Dredge meridian and collateral channels and smoothenjoint movement.The therapy unblocks the collateral channels,strengthens muscles and bones,moves qi and activates blood,and smoothens joint movements SO as to build“flexibility of the body and harmony ofqi flow.”3)Strengthen the primary and the healthy,replenish and supplement the original qi.As an old saying goes,“The threetreasures of heaven are the sun,moon and stars,while the threetreasures of the human body are ring essence,qi and shen spirit.”Among the three treasures of the human body,essence is thefoundation,qi the driving force and spirit the controller,all ofthem fundamental to health and beauty and in preventing flu.The new therapy stresses replenishing the essence.

In the face of a serious global influenza pandemic,people cannot help but ask whether the virus is unconquerable,or whetherthe thinking,policies and measures relating to prevention andtreatment are perhaps wrong.Research findings indicate the latter.The conventional approaches to flu prevention are over-focused on the virus but fail to mobilize the boay'S innate adaptability andimmunity(known and latent)to fight infection.Currently,in Chinese medical circles and overseas,there is great room for improvement in combating flu.In addition to vaccinationand medication,many scientific approaches call for focus on stimulating known and latent ability for self-healing and improving self-immunity,in particular improving microcirculation of therespiratory system.The New Century Medical Model and the New TCM Anti.FluTherapy are both theoretically and practically innovative,from labexperiment through to clinical application.They supplement whatis lacking in conventional measures and are easy,effective,“green”,and inexpensive to popularize.Embodying the TCM concept of“preventative treatment,”the new therapy aims to activate thebody’S known and 1atent resistance,and conforms to the TCMprinciples of“strengthening what is healthy and dispelling thepathogenic”and“when there is sufficient healthy qi inside,pathogens have no way to invade the body.”
Flu Self-Defence Stimulating Immunity with TCM