Hainan Statistical Yearbook 2010

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"Hainan Statistical Yearbook 2010" in English and were divided into annual comprehensive economic accounts, population and employment, fixed assets and real estate development and investment, energy and environment, finance, price, living, agriculture and rural economy, industry, construction, transport and post and telecommunications, wholesale and retail trade and accommodation and catering industry, tourism, foreign trade, finance and insurance industry, enterprises and the economy, education, culture and technology of health and sports, social welfare and security of 20 parts. Each part of the Main Statistical Indicators endnote head with the main statistical indicators of the meaning of statistics, statistical methods and historical data changes are illustrated.
Hainan Province in accordance with the existing production management and administrative system, cities, counties, autonomous counties and the state Farm Farm area of economic and social activities by the direct management of Hainan Land Reclamation Bureau and individual statistics. This annual statistical data are compiled, in addition to population, foreign trade, tourism, transport and postal communications, finance, banking and insurance, education and culture, health and sports, science and technology, information or statement contained in the Special Reclamation column Farm data show, the remaining part of the cities, counties, autonomous counties are not included in the economic and social indicators of Reclamation statistics. Farm Farm information on the "Farm" listed separately. Hainan Yangpu Economic Development Zone directly under the direct jurisdiction of the provincial government, their statistics separately. Currently, under the jurisdiction of the West of Hainan Province, south, less economic activity in the sand islands, source of data is difficult to get, the annual addition to population and employment, including West, South, in the sand islands of information, not included in the rest
Unit of measurement used in this annual international standard measurement units.
The caliber and scope of the annual target, basically subject to current national statistical system, information from the government statistical agencies most of the annual statistical reports and sample survey data, a small number of authorities from the government or the industry's annual statistical report.
"IX: agriculture and rural economy" based on the results of the second agricultural census "Hainan Statistical Yearbook 2010" Chinese and English "version of the published information to the appropriate fill vacancies in the column or adjustment.
Some indicators of the annual total number or relative number, due to rounding or different accounting units, and the breakdown of Numbers may vary materially.
Explanation of symbols used: "..." indicates that the smallest unit of insufficient information in the table; "space" indicates that the target unknown or no data; "#" indicates the part of the project
Hainan Statistical Yearbook 2010