Hainan Statistical Yearbook 2017

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"Hainan Statistical Yearbook 2017" system contains the Hainan Province area 19 cities, counties, autonomous counties and Yangpu Economic Development Zone 2016 economic and social development statistics and the main historical year statistics, is a reflection of Hainan economic and social development Of the annual publication.

"Hainan Statistical Yearbook 2017" The contents of this yearbook are divided into 25 chapters, namely: 1. Comprehensive; 2. Population 3. National economic accounting; 4. Employment and wages; 5. Price; 6. People's life; 8. Resources and the environment; 9. Energy; 10. Investment in fixed assets; 11. Foreign economic and trade; 12. Agriculture; 13. Industry; 14. Construction; 15. Real estate; 16 Wholesale and retail trade and accommodation Catering; Tourism and postal services; 19; financial services; 20; science and technology; 21; education; 22. Health and social services; 23. Culture and sports; 24 public administration, social security and social organization; City and countryside. In order to facilitate the use of the reader, each chapter has a "brief description", the main content of this chapter, sources of information, statistical scope, statistical methods and historical changes to be a brief overview of the end of the article with "the main indicators of statistical indicators."
Hainan Statistical Yearbook 2017