Turbo Chinese: How an Indian Learnet Chinese Characters

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What can a man from the land of software and street squalor; yogic nirvana and dreamy Bollywood tell over half a million working expats in China, about learning the language? That learning Chinese (and doing it fast!), has less to do with memory and more to do with technique; that Chinese comes alive when learning is organic and inspired by life experiences rather than restricted to templates as books make us believe.

The author of Turbo Chinese is a foreigner. During Chinese learning,he found the short cut, do you want to explore the effective way of learning Chinese?You will find the answer from this book!Turbo Chinese looks at Mandarin, from a learner’s point of view instead of a teacher’s perspective. It focuses on what can be learnt quickly rather than following a sequential approach.Turbo Chinese is a response to the fact that working executives do not have the luxury of time to learn in the conventional way, and you can try it!
Turbo Chinese: How an Indian Learnet Chinese Characters