Chinese Language and Culture Textbook 8 (with 2 Workbooks)

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This series of textbooks is especially compiled for oversea students, especially for teenagers with basic Chinese knowledge to study Chinese at weekend course. The author has eight years of teaching experience. The 20-volume textbooks are designed for a 9-year part-time course, introducing 2500 Chinese characters, covering basic knowledge of strokes, phonetics, drills and short passages as well as systematic knowledge of Chinese culture including Chinese geography, history and philosophy. The textbooks feature wide range of knowledge, interesting topics and a step-by-step teaching and learning experience.
Table of Contents
第一课 冬天的风
第二课 大鸡蛋 小鸡蛋
第三课 要下雨了
第四课 买梦
第五课 铁杵磨成针
第六课 骂鸭
第七课 空罐头盒
第八课 生肖的传说
第九课 等我也长大了
第十课 三个和尚
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Chinese Language and Culture Textbook 8 (with 2 Workbooks)