Talk Chinese Series: Leisure Talk (with audio)

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  • Author: Li Shujuan;
  • Language: Chinese & English
  • Format: 1 book+1 CD
  • Page: 201
  • Publication Date: 09/2007
  • ISBN: 9787802003798
  • Publisher: Sinolingua Press
  • Series: Talk Chinese
  • Sample Pages: PDF Download

Talk Chinese is the first series on practical, colloquial Chinese. It covers social communications, life, travel, sports, leisure, shopping, emergency, campus, office, IT, etc. It allows you to experience the Chinese language through real life experiences.

You'll learn Chinese that is suitable for real life situations: colloquial words, slang, everyday expressions and sentences. With this series you can respond effectively and intelligently in the situations you'll encounter.

Table of Contents
Unit 1 逛公园Going to the Park
1.准备去公园Getting Ready to Go to the Park
2.去哪个公园?Which Park to Go to?
3.爱护花草和公共设施Taking Care of Flowers and Public Facilities
Unit 2 泡酒吧In a Bar
1.计划去泡酒吧Planning to Go to aBar
2.在酒吧In the Bar
3.酒吧演出A ShowintheBar
Unit 3 朋友聚餐A Friend’s Party
1.老同学的电话A Call from an Old Classmate
2.预订包间Reserving a Private Room at a Restaurant
3.在饭店聚会Getting To gether at a Restaurant
Unit 4 看电影Going to a Movie
1.带孩子去看电影Taking kid to a Movie
2.约小朋友一起去Asking Friends Mong
3.看电影Watching a Movie
Unit 5 吃小吃Having Snacks
1.商量陪外国朋友Discussing to Acompany Foreign Friends
2.吃北京小吃Eating Beijing Snacks
3.小吃店里At the Snack Bar
Unit 6 逛街购物Shopping
1.准备过节Getting Ready for a Festival
2.在超市At the Supermarket
Unit 7 参观博物馆Visiting a Museum
1.放暑假了Having a Summer Vacation
2.地质博物馆 Geological Museum
3.民俗博物馆At the Folk Custom Museum
Unit 8 跳舞Dancing
1.相约去跳舞Planning to Go Dancing
2.与同事去跳舞Going Dancing with Colleagues
3.在迪厅At the Disco
Unit 9 卡拉OK Karaoke
1.相约去唱卡拉OK Planning to Go to Karaoke
2.在卡拉OK厅At Karaoke Hall
3.继续唱歌Continuing Singing
Unit 10 看电视Watching TV
1.想换电视Thinking ofChanging Television
2.看新电视Watching the New TV
3.全家一起看新闻Watching the News with the Family
Unit 11 约会Dating
1.邀约Making an Appointment
2.在世界公园At the World Park
3.满意的约会A Satisfactory Appointment
Unit 12 散步Taking a Walk
1.饭后散步Taking a Walk After Dinner
2.在街心公园At the Park
3.和爸爸一起散步Taking a Walk with Dad
Unit 13 美容美发Hairdressing and Facial Care
1.美容Facial Care
2.美容院At the Beauty Salon
3.讨论发型Talking About Hairstyles
Unit 14 下棋Playing Board Game
1.课外兴趣班After School Class
2.商量报班问题Disussing Which Class to Apply for
3.家庭下棋比赛A Competition of Go at Home
Unit 15 养宠物Keeping a Pet
1.家有宠物Having a Pet at Home
2.商量养狗之事Discussing to Keep Pets
3.领小狗回家Bringing the Puppy Home
Talk Chinese Series: Leisure Talk (with audio)