Talk Chinese Series: Sports Talk (With 1CD)

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  • Author: Li shujuan;
  • Language: Chinese-English
  • Format: Papercover
  • Page: 342
  • Publication Date: 05/2007
  • ISBN: 9787802002326
  • Publisher: Sinolingua Press
  • Series: Talk Chinese
  • Sample Pages: PDF Download
Talk Chinese is the first series on practical colloquial Chinese compiled and developed based on the theory of "Practical Communicative Functions". It covers ten themes on social communication, life, travel, sports, leisure, shopping, emergency, school, office, and IT and network. By imitating real life scenes of various situations, authentic, lively and practical oral expressions are revealed to allow learners to experience the charm of the Chinese language through lively, interesting and humorous situational conversations, and learn the most commonly used colloquial words, phrases, slang, customary usages, everyday expressions and sentences. In another word, this is a very useful and practical encyclopedia on speaking Chinese. As long as one masters the contents of this series, one can respond fluently with the knowledge and oral expressions learned in whatever situations.
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1 Customer Review(s):
by Stan Lerner on 2011-11-21 18:57:24
I am learning Chinese. The Chinese Talk Series is a solid reference point for useful, practical colloquial intermediate level conversation. The authors have done their homework. A variety of alternatives are always presented to say the same thing. The enunciation is clear and standard. Each book acts as an excellent bridge between beginner and intermediate levels.
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Talk Chinese Series: Sports Talk (With 1CD)