Great Wall Chinese - Essentials in Communication 6: Textbook CD-ROM

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This is the CD-ROM for Book 6 of Great Wall Chinese. It is to further studies of the corresponding textbook and/or workbook with stories, interactive exercises and so on. It is good for either classroom use or self-study. This is the CD-ROM only, for use with the computer. It does NOT include the textbook or workbook or audio CD. 

The goal of Great Wall Chinese is to develop learners’ communicative competence. Different means of teaching, such as on-line multimedia courseware, multimedia CDs, face-to-face teaching in class, as well as textbooks and workbooks are employed, and the management mode to monitor learners’ progress and to evaluate the learning efficiency is also used. Individualized learning plans with the backing of rich teaching resources are provided. The printed textbooks can be used together with the online multimedia courseware and multimedia CD-ROM. It is fit for both classroom-teaching and self-study.

Great Wall Chinese contains three sections, Essentials in Communication, Progression in Communication, and Fluency in Communication, which are both interrelated with each other and are complete within themselves. Each section contains 6 textbooks (each with 1 CD) corresponding to 6 levels, 6 workbooks, 1 grammar handbook, and 6multimedia CD-ROMs.

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Great Wall Chinese - Essentials in Communication 6: Textbook CD-ROM