A Short Intensive Course of New HSK (Level 3)

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Usage Advice: Short intensive training programs (30 class periods for intensive training program or 50~60 class periods for those with supportive exercises); self-taught before the exam

Level: Elementary, Chinese Teachers (TCSL)

A Short Intensive Course of New HSK, aimed at providing pre-exam guidance and intensive training for the New HSK candidates and training institutions, includes 10 volumes altogether, i.e., the intensive training courses respectively for levels 3~6, the workbooks supporting the intensive courses, the volumes for intermediate spoken Chinese and advanced spoken Chinese. The intensive training course for each level provides two model tests and specific intensive training on the testing points and difficult points about grammar, vocabulary etc., the common errors, and test-taking strategies. The model tests and exercises demonstrate similarity to the official New HSK in difficulty.
This book, written for the New HSK (Level 3) training institutions, candidates and their Chinese teachers, is based on the testing points and difficult points of level 3, illustrating them with examples from the past tests, combining instruction with practice, reinforcing learning through immediate exercises, and making timely summaries so that candidates can make steady progress. It also studies the key words prescribed in the outline of level 3. The book is divided into the following parts: About the Test/Introduction to the Structure/Advice for Users—Model Test 1 (pre-tutorial test so that you’ll find your weak points—Unit of Listening Comprehension (specific training)—Unit of Reading Comprehension (specific training)—Unit of Writing (specific training)—Model Test 2 (summary, warm-up exercise before the real test). It has a reasonable structure, which brings great convenience for self-taught learners and teachers.

About the Author
Wang Haifeng, Chen Li and Lu Yun, the authors of this book, are experienced teachers in the School of Chinese as a Second Language of Peking University who have been HSK tutors for many years. A Short Intensive Course of HSK, the original edition of this series they designed for the old HSK, had been ranked as a best seller for a long time in the retail market of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and its cumulative sales had reached nearly 300,000 volumes.
Table of Contents
第一单元 考试须知·结构导读·使用建议
第二单元 模拟考试(一)
第三单元 听力
第1课 听力第一部分(听对话,选图片)
第2课 听力第二部分(听段落,判断对错)
第2课 听力第二部分(听段落,判断对错)
第4课 课 听力第三部分(听短对话,选择答案)
第5课 听力第三部分(听短对话.选择答案)
第6课 听力第四部分(听长对话,选择答案)
第四单元 阅读
第三课 阅读第一部分(完成话轮)
第8课 阅读第一部分(完成话轮)
第9课 第二部分(选词填)
第10课 阅读第二部分(选词填空)
第11课 阅读第三部分(选择正确答案)
第12课 阅读第三部分(选择正确答案)
第13课 阅读第三部分(选择正确答案)
第14课 阅读第三部分(选择正确答案)
第五单元 书写
第15课 书写第一部分(组句)
第16课 书写第一部分(组句)
第17课 书写第二部分(写双字)
第六单元 模拟考试(二)
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