Shanghai Manual 2022 Annual Report - A Guide to Sustainable Urban Development in the 21st Century

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Society
Case Studies
Chengdu, China: Chengdu's Aiyouxi – Creating Connected Communities and Community Autonomy
Beijing, China: Baiwan Jiayuan Social Housing
Hanoi, Vietnam: Hanoi's Intergenerational Self-Help Clubs
Odisha, India: Odisha Urban Wage Employment Initiative –Creating Sustainable Livelihood Opportunities
Buenos Aires, Argentina: Transforming Barrio Mugica –Reintegrating a Socially Excluded Community
Policy Suggestions
Chapter 3 Economy
Case Studies
Curitiba, Brazil: The Pinh?o Valley Innovation Ecosystem – Driving a Creative Economy
Monterrey, Mexico: Sparking the Potential of Universities to Drive Innovation and Entrepreneurship via Industry and Community Partnerships
Heidelberg, Germany. Modernizing Heidelberg through Industrial Upgrading and Diversification
Shanghai, China: Inheritance and Innovation of Century-old Brands in Shanghar's Huangpu District
Policy Suggestions
Chapter 4 Environment
Case Studies
Weihai, China; Building an Exquisite Green City
Minawao, Cameroon: Creating an Environmentally Sustainable and Resilient Green Refugee Camp
Yokohama, Japan: Blue Carbon Project
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: Community-driven Flood Resilience in Dar es Salaam's Informal Settlements
Policy Suggestions
Chapter 5 Culture
Case Studies
Aden, Sana'a, Shibam and Zabid, Yemen: Cash for Work - Empowering Urban
Youth through Cultural Heritage Rehabilitation in Yemen's Historic Cities
Belo Horizonte, Brazil: Creative Horizon –Renewing Belo Horizonte's Historic Cultural
Neighbourhood of Centro-Lagoinha
Shanghai, China: Stories of Shanghai Architecture – Revealing Culture through
Historical Buildings
East Jerusalem, Occupied Palestinian Territories: The Rehabilitation of the Dar
Al-Consul Complex – a Journey from Endangered Historical Buildings to a
Liveable Cultural Hub
Policy Suggestions
Chapter 6 Governance
Case Studies
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: Reconciliation with History to Move the
Community Forward – a Path towards Sustainable Development in the
Grandview-Woodland Community
Yangtze River Delta, China: The Yangtze River Delta Eco-green Integrated
Demonstration Zone – Building a World-class Model of Waterfront Human
Settlement Civilization
Tehran, Iran: Smart Tehran Programme – Promoting Inclusive, Integrated and
Sustainable Urban Management with Smart City Functionality
Los Angeles, United States of America: Leveraging Partnerships and Open-source
Technology to Drive Local Action on the SDGs
Policy Suggestions
Chapter 7 Global Programmes, Processes and Networks on SDG Localization
Global Processes towards Localizing the SDGs
Global Programmes, Platforms and Networks on SDG Localization
Concluding Remarks
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Shanghai Manual 2022 Annual Report - A Guide to Sustainable Urban Development in the 21st Century