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Shanghai, one of today's most developed and prosperous cities in the world, is an attractive spot for tourists worldwide. In fact Shanghai is an 1,000-year-old city as well as a vigorous young metropolis. Shanghai has enjoyed a high reputation for its long history, distinctive Hal Pal culture and art, and excellent service.

It is reported that over 2.725 million overseas tourists come to Shanghai annually on average. During the long holiday from 1st to 7th October, 2007, Shanghai ranked No. 1 among tourist cities of China in receiving visitors. The compilation of this book aims in the main to serve the overseas tourists as well as the 30,000 foreigners or so living and working in this international city.

This book consists of four parts: About Shanghai, The Ten Hottest Tourist Spots, Other Tourist Spots in Various Districts and Travelwise. Part One refers to the general information about Shanghai's history, development, culture, architecture, art, people, festivals, etc. In Part Two Shanghai's best-known spots, such as The Bund and Nanjing Road, are introduced in detail. In Part Three are recommended over 200 famous spots situated in Shanghai's 18 administrative districts and one county, which are arranged alphabetically. Part Four provides many very useful information for tourists.

"Seeing is believing." You are welcome to visit this great city and experience a totally different life. Read this book before you come. Bring it along with you when you come to Shanghai!
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