Easy Steps to Chinese (Traditional Characters Version) Textbook 7 (with 1 MP3)

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Usage Advice: This book will cover one year's study if three one-hour lessons are devoted to it each week.

Level: Intermediate

This is the traditional Chinese characters version of Book 7 of Easy Steps to Chinese, a series of Chinese textbooks for middle school students who are non-native speakers of Chinese. The book is full-color printed and includes an MP3 CD.
The book is composed of five units, each with three lessons, encompassing such everyday topics as “college application, students’ union election, summer jobs”, “family, film, differences between Chinese and Western cultures”, “the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet, technologies and life, food and drinks”, “Hangzhou, entertainment, fast food”, “education, lifestyle, environment protection”. In each lesson, there are two texts focusing on middle school students’ real life. It has brief explanations of grammatical points and abundant exercises such as warming-up exercise, speaking exercise, writing exercise, reading comprehension, etc.

About the Author
Ms. Yamin Ma, with a bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature and a master's degree in Education, is now teaching Chinese in an international school in Hong Kong. Ms. Ma has many years' experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language and knows well about the AP Chinese Program in the US and the IB Chinese Test in Europe.
Easy Steps to Chinese (Traditional Characters Version) Textbook 7 (with 1 MP3)