Easy Steps to Chinese (Traditional Characters Version) Textbook 6 (with CD)

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Usage Advice: This book will cover one year’s study if three one-hour lessons are devoted to it each week.

Level: Intermediate

This is the traditional Chinese characters version of Book 6 of Easy Steps to Chinese, a series of Chinese textbooks for middle school students who are non-native speakers of Chinese. The book is full-color printed and includes an MP3 CD. 
The book is composed of five units, each with three lessons, encompassing such everyday topics as “school, curriculum and learn Chinese”, “go to Beijing, study abroad, celebrate Chinese New Year”, “charity bazaar, challenge, camping”, “young man, pressure, worries”, “new technologies, health, environment protection”.
Starting this book, the textbook and exercise book are combined into one. In each lesson, there is one text, two or three reading materials, various exercises supplemented by brief explanations of grammatical points and introductions to the writing styles. It is more close to various overseas Chinese examinations, such as GCSE, AP and IB in terms of content and form.

About the Author
Ms. Yamin Ma, with a bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature and a master's degree in Education, is now teaching Chinese in an international school in Hong Kong. Ms. Ma has many years' experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language and knows well about the AP Chinese Program in the US and the IB Chinese Test in Europe.
Table of Contents
第一课 学校
第二课 课程
第三课 学汉语
第四课 去北京
第五课 游学
第六课 过年
第七课 义卖会
第八课 挑战
第九课 露营
第十课 青年人
第十一课 压力
第十二课 烦恼
第十三课 新科技
第十四课 健康
第十五课 环保
Easy Steps to Chinese (Traditional Characters Version) Textbook 6 (with CD)