Idioms in Daily Life 2 (Occupation, Study)

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Author: Wang Songyan;
Language: English, Russian
Format: Paper, Audio CD
Page: 89
Publication Date: 11/2012
ISBN: 9787561933992
Usage Advice: Self-learning

Level: Elementary

The idioms in this series are semantically divided into two categories: “occupation” and “study”, each of which is further divided into many sub-categories. Idioms of the same sub-category are phonetically arranged. Each idiom is annotated by pinyin, English and Russian translations, with 4-6 sample sentences provided, including dialogic sample sentences. The entries, being vividly and lively, are two-color printed and marked with its’ emotional appeal, pinyin and illustrations.

About the Author
Wang Songyan is a teacher of School of Chinese Studies, Dalian University of Foreign Languages.
Idioms in Daily Life 2 (Occupation, Study)