Ten Level Chinese (Level 7): Extensive Reading Textbook

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Usage Advice: 2 class hour/lesson, altogether 8 lessons

Level: Intermediate

Ten Level Chinese: Extensive Reading Textbook includes 6 levels, among which level-3 and Level-4 are for beginning readers and Level-5 ~ Level-8 are for intermediate readers.

The writers of this Extensive Reading Textbook series pay close attention to choosing diverse topics, genres and interesting materials. They try their best to arrange the reading materials from easy to difficult and help students improve their reading skills. After reading this book, students can enlarge their vocabulary and gain specific reading skills.

The Extensive Reading Textbook series has 8 lessons in each volume. Concerning the reading skills in this lesson, every lesson includes three parts: warming-up exercises, guidance and practice of reading skills and reading comprehension. The teaching time is 2 hours for each lesson and 8 weeks for all.

This is Level-7 in the book series. As the third circulation level for intermediate readers, after learning this book, you are expected to improve your comprehension of information, attitude, tone, paragraph division and general meaning of the whole passage. Time for the guidance of skills and exercises is suggested to be limited to no more than 20 minutes. In the reading comprehension part, every lesson consists of three passages. You need to take two steps to read every passage. First, with questions in mind, you need to "skim" it, the purpose of which is to have a general understanding of the passage. It should take you no more than 8 minutes to finish this part. The second step is "reading for details", the purpose of which is to enrich your language knowledge and develop your reading skills. You are suggested to do it in no more than 12 minutes.

About the Author
Wang Lei is a teacher of the International Culture Exchange School of Fudan University.

《拾级汉语》泛读课本包括3、4、5、6、7、8等6个级次,其中第3、4级次属于初级阅读,第5、6、7、8级次属于中级阅读。 本教材每册共有8课,每课包括和本课阅读技能指导有关的指导前热身练习、阅读技能指导与练习以及阅读理解几个部分。 泛读第7级是中级阅读的第3个循环级次,我们安排的技能指导包括信息理解、态度和语气理解以及段落划分和全文总体把握等方面。我们的建议是,技能指导和练习部分的时间尽量控制在20分钟以内。与技能有关的指导前热身练习的目的是希望学生能通过练习对即将要学到的阅读技能有一个感性的认识,然后通过教师的指导进一步深化,再通过指导后练习加以强化。 每课的阅读理解包括三篇文章,每一篇分两步走:第1步是带着问题快速阅读,是粗读,问题只和文章的内容有关,目的是希望学生能对文章有一个总体把握,时间建议控制在8分钟左右;第2步则是细读,目的主要是让学生积累语言知识,培养阅读技能,时间建议控制在12分钟左右。
Ten Level Chinese (Level 7): Extensive Reading Textbook