Ten Level Chinese (Level 5): Extensive Reading Textbook

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Ten Level Chinese: Extensive Reading Textbook includes 6 levels, among which level-3 and Level-4 are for beginning readers and Level-5 ~ Level-8 are for intermediate readers.
The writers of this Extensive Reading Textbook series pay close attention to choosing diverse topics, genres and interesting materials. They try their best to arrange the reading materials from easy to difficult and help students improve their reading skills. After reading this book, students can enlarge their vocabulary and gain specific reading skills.
The Extensive Reading Textbook series has 8 lessons in each volume. Concerning the reading skills in this lesson, every lesson includes three parts: warming-up exercises, guidance and practice of reading skills and reading comprehension. The teaching time is 2 hours for each lesson and 8 weeks for all.
This is Level-5 in the series. As the first circulation level for intermediate readers, after learning this book, you are expected to improve your comprehension of words and expressions, single sentences, complex sentences and paragraphs. Time for the guidance of skills and exercises is suggested to be limited to no more than 20 minutes. In the reading comprehension part, every lesson consists of three passages. You need to take two steps to read every passage. First, with questions in mind, you need to "skim" it, the purpose of which is to have a general understanding of the passage. It should take you approximate 8 minutes to finish this part. The second step is "reading for details", the purpose of which is to enrich your language knowledge and develop your reading skills. You are suggested to do it in approximate 12 minutes.
Ten Level Chinese (Level 5): Extensive Reading Textbook