Ten Level Chinese (Level 9): Intensive Reading Textbook

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Author: Gao Shunquan; Wu Zhongwei; Tao Lian;
Format: Paper, Audio CD
Page: 204
Publication Date: 03/2012
ISBN: 9787561932537
Series: Ten Level Chinese
Level: Advanced

This is the Level 9 Intensive Reading Textbook in the series Ten Level Chinese. There are altogether 8 lessons in the book; each lesson consists of 7 parts, namely vocabulary, texts, notes, word explanations, grammar points, idioms, cultural points and exercises. Each lesson takes about 8 class hours, and the whole book takes about 8 weeks. It is suitable for foreigners who have two years’ experience of learning Chinese or have achieved a Chinese proficiency above HSK Level 8 or New HSK Level 6.

About the Author
Gao Shunquan, Ph.D., is a professor in Fudan University whose research covers Modern Chinese Grammar, Education of Chinese as a Foreign Language and Acquisition of Chinese as a Second Language. Mr. Gao’s treatises include A Three-Dimensional Study on Grammar and A Study of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language.
Ten Level Chinese (Level 9): Intensive Reading Textbook