Idioms in Daily Life 1 (Emotions & Marriage) (with 1 MP3)

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Author: Chen Zijiao;
Language: English, Russian
Format: Paper
Page: 98
Publication Date: 07/2012
ISBN: 9787561933084
Level: Intermediate

A Series of Learning Chinese Idioms• Idioms in Daily Life includes three volumes, respectively are  Volume 1 Emotions •Marriage,Volume 2 Occupation•Study,and Volume 3. Scenery•Appearance.

This is the first volume, including 100 idioms, which are semantically divided into two categories: emotions and marriage. Each category is sub-divided into many sub-categories, for instance, the category of “emotions” includes idioms describing happiness, sadness, regrets, surprise, etc.; the category of “marriage” includes idioms describing love, conjugal love, marriage life, etc.

The idioms in the book are annotated by pinyin, explanations and translations, with some provided with illustrations. A phonetic index is attached at the back of the book. A CD of MP3 file with the recording of the sample sentences is also attached.

About the Author
Chen Zijiao is the Director of School of Chinese Studies, Dalian University of Foreign Languages. Her research focuses on Methods of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.
Idioms in Daily Life 1 (Emotions & Marriage) (with 1 MP3)