Say It Now: A Complete Handbook of Spoken Business Chinese

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Author: Mo Dan;
Language: English
Format: Books,Audio CD,MPR;
Page: 337
Publication Date: 08/2017
ISBN: 9787561944592
Publisher: Beijng Language and Culture University Press
Series: Say it Now
Sample Pages: PDF Download
Level: Pre-Intermediate

For Adults

Say It Now: A Complete Handbook of SpokenBusiness Chinese is a practical Chinese manual designed for foreigners living, working and doing business in China. It encompasses 10 topics, 72 work situations, and over 800practical sentences, which can meet most of the foreigners’ communicative needs during their work and business activities in China.

About the Author
Mo Dan is a teacher in TheCollege of Intensive Chinese Training of BLCU whose research focuses on CFL teaching theories and pedagogy. Mo has published a number of academic papers, including “A Brief Discussion of the Application of Multimedia Technology in the Comprehensive Course”, “The Design of Activities for Vocabulary Teaching in the Elementary Comprehensive Course”, and the award-winning “Teaching the Ba-sentence to Elementary Learners”.
Say It Now: A Complete Handbook of Spoken Business Chinese