China Region Input-output Tables 2007

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Input-output accounting system of national accounts is an important part of it in the form of input-output tables reflect national economic sectors of production, income and use, is an important tool of macroeconomic analysis, and has been widely used in the production analysis, demand analysis, price and cost analysis, energy and environmental analysis and other fields.
In March 1987, the State Council issued "on a national survey of input-output notice" (Guo Ban Fa [1987] 18), decided in the national input-output survey for 1987, 1987, the preparation of the national input-output table, and once every five years. So far, countries have developed 1987,1992,1997,2002,2007 input-output table in five provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities (excluding Tibet) and the National Synchrotron developed a regional input-output table.
The region to meet the community needs the input-output tables, National Bureau of Statistics National Accounts Division prepared this "input-output table in China (2007)." This book is divided into three parts: the first is an overview of input-output table; second part of regional input-output table; The third part is the appendix.
To enable readers to better use the book, several issues need special instructions:
First, the input-output tables compiled price. The same input-output tables and national, regional input-output table is compiled by producer prices, producer prices that include VAT, with the 1993 SNA, the producer price be different, SNA does not include value added in producer prices tax.
Purchaser price = producer prices - distribution costs (commercial surcharge + shipping costs)
Second, the input-output table sectoral classification. Regional input-output table departments in 2007 classified by reference to China in 2002, "National Economic Industrial Classification" (GB/T4754-2002) standard, according to the "product" sector or "pure" sector to develop, products were divided into 42 departments. Among them, the agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery a sector, 23 industrial sectors, waste scrap a department, a department construction, transportation and warehousing industry, a sector, other services 15 departments.
Third, the waste out of waste handling. Waste composition of waste out into the middle of the total investment is zero, the added value is equal to the value sales of scrap waste. Increase the value of a form includes only operating surplus, its value is equal to value added.
Fourth, the net outflow of preparation methods. Regional input-output accounts, due to weak inflows and outflows based statistics, accounting difficult, transferred out of the province, export, and import outside the province transferred to the accounting and other indicators of varying thickness. In order to facilitate more regional input-output tables, this book special set of "net out" indicator, calculated as follows:
Net outflow = + transferred out of the province exports - Foreign transferred - Import
Five, due to the use of input-output accounting accounting classification system, therefore, despite the National Bureau of Statistics to develop a unified methodology, but because there are differences based on the basis of information and various other factors, the national table does not mean the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in Table a simple summary.

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