A survey of China (Third Edition)

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This textbook is written for the foreign students and is included in the Textbook Planning of the National Chinese Language Committee. This book can also be used as the reading materials for the foreigners above the medium level of Chinese. Survey of China is a basic course in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. For the foreign students, it is a necessary course to obtain the basic knowledge of China, understand the overall Chinese cultural and social background and learn the Chinese language.This textbook includes 14 topics that systematically introduce the Chinese geography, history, people, nationalities, political system, economy, technology, education, traditional thought, literatures, arts, customs, travelling and international communication. The content is concise and clear, and the language is easy to read. Phonetic symbols are attached to the difficult words. Following each chapters are questions to think and discuss.With this textbook, the foreign students can better understand China as well as improving their Chinese reading ability, which is helpful in their choosing future studying field.
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A survey of China (Third Edition)