China in Diagrams

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This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. In the last seven decades, the country has undergone significant transformation from its overall image to people's daily life. When looking at history's timeline, this change is amazing, and is no mean feat.
Today, China remains the most populous country in the world (with a population of nearly 1.4 billion) and the second largest economy globally. As the world's largest and fastest-growing developing country, China's economic and social development has dramatically changed. After 70 industrious years, China has not only transformed herself, but benefits have spilt to the rest of the world at its wake.
Therefore, there is an inherent need to understand China. It is also worthy and desirable. This book provides a glimpse of China.
Albeit numerous volumes ofbooks, China cannot be properly and thoroughly reflected. This book attempts to vividly interpret and reveal China's economic, political, cultural, social and ecological civilization development, among others, with clear-cut diagrams and expressive visual language. Readers can get a better picture of China's transformational process from multiple angles and dimensions to understand the basic national conditions of contemporary China.
The world is currently undergoing a series of great developmental, fundamental changes and major adjustment. China's deep integration into the global economy has brought her closer to the rest of the world. Understanding China provides better knowledge to the readers of the world we share. We sincerely hope this book will assist and inspire readers.
Table of Contents
Physical Geography
History and Culture
Economic Construction
Political Construction
Cultural Construction
Social Construction
Ecological Civilization Construction
China and the World
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of China in Diagrams (ISBN:9787508535678)
Sample pages of China in Diagrams (ISBN:9787508535678)
Sample pages of China in Diagrams (ISBN:9787508535678)
Sample pages of China in Diagrams (ISBN:9787508535678)
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