Colorful China

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Author: Liang Mingling; Liu Bingwen; Pan Zhongming;
Language: English
Publication Date: 08/2007
ISBN: 9787508510804
Publisher: China Intercontinental Press
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The Chinese are a nation good at using colors. All colors in the great nature may lend tremendous inspirations to the Chinese, whether it is the golden yellow ears of grain crops on the vast Chinese hinterland, the white snow of northern China, the green mountains and rivers of southern China. In the traditional Chinese culture, and its art in particular, colors may present themselves in dazing brilliance of'numberless hues or in sober quietness of black, white and varying grays in between; in the majesty of the imperial palaces that hold commoners in awe or in the blue of indigo print garments of rustic folks; in paintings and embroidery of bright tints or in the purity of white porcelain and translucent jade.
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A Colorful World
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Sample pages of Colorful China (ISBN:9787508510804)
Sample pages of Colorful China (ISBN:9787508510804)
Sample pages of Colorful China (ISBN:9787508510804)
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Colorful China