The Splendor of China: 151 Scenic Wonders

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This book is intended to offer some necessary information and help that can be used as a useful guide for travel in China. It is illustrated with a profusion of beautiful pictures, together with brief words as an introduction to some of the famous places of historical interest and scenic beauty in this country. As an old Chinese saying goes, "It's better to travel 10,000 miles than to read 10,000 books. "This is what ancient people in China aspired to, as they thought that travel could broaden their vision and improve their knowledge about the outside world.
Foreign tourists who will come or who have been to China will find this book immensely helpful, as from it they can probably make their satisfactory choices among those places they would like to visit in their limited traveling time. This book can also be used as a fine autograph book for travel around China!
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The Splendor of China: 151 Scenic Wonders