China (English Edition) (China Overview Series)

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  • Language: English
  • Format: 25.4 x 17.4 x 2 cm
  • Page: 250
  • Publication Date: 03/2015
  • ISBN: 9787119091655
  • Publisher: Foreign Languages Press

The book is composed of chapters including history overview, land and resources, the land of China, Chinese culture, political system, China and the world, national economy, green homeland, education and technology, social life, etc. It also has five themes Wild China, China Dream, China Power, Chinese Spirit, and Reform & Open-up throughout the book. It gathers functions including yearbook, thesaurus, manual, guide and digest, and display methods such as map, photo, graph, chronology, catalogue, booklist, index, chart, statistical data, etc.

Table of Contents

Ancient Civilization
The Path of Chinese History
Land and Resources
Sea and Land Territory
Water Resources
Mineral Resources
Plants and Animals
Population and Ethnicity
A Populous Country
A Multi—ethnic Country
Administrative Divisions and Cities
Administrative Divisions
Brief Descriptions of Provinces and Provincial level Municipalities and Autonomous Regions
Chinese Culture
Dancing Characters
Evolution of Literature
Fad for Bronze
Traditional Chinese Painting
Sculptures of Buddha
FolkA rts
Culinary Culture
Tea Culture
Political System
Legal System
Political Systems
State Organs
Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
Political Parties and Other Organizations
China and the Rest of the World
Foreign Policy
Friendship with Neighboring Countries
Cooperation with Other Developing Countries
Cooperation with Major Countries
Active Participation in Multi lateral Affairs
Economic Development
Economic Structure and System
Opening Up to the Outside World
Coordinated Development of All Regions
Service Industry
Environmental Protection
Ecological Environment
Pollution Control
New Path of Environmental Protection
Education and Science
Science and Technology
Social Life
Social Security
Spots and Fitness
Different Religious Beliefs Coexisting
MasR Media
Sixty—five Years of the People's Republic

Sample Pages Preview

Sample pages of China (English Edition) (China Overview Series) (ISBN:9787119091655)
Sichuan is located in the southwest of China and on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River.The province has magnificent natural scenery: various geological conditions, including green mountainous areas and ravines and gullies, and a profound historicallegacy:Sichuan culture, including generations of men of letters, historical traditions, colorful ethnic fiavors and unique folk customs.In Sichuan, natural, cultural, social and traditional landscapes interact,depend on and enrich one another to generate a naturally advantageous and talent-abundant paradise.We can use three words to describe Sichuan: magical, mysterious and legendary.Sichuan has magical natural resources and a mysterious cultural world, and is a legendary place for the soul.Its numerous tourism resorts include Sanxingdui, ancient plank road, panda reserve, Jiuzhaigou,Mounts Emei, Siguniang and Gongga, the Dujiangyan Dam and the Leshan Giant Buddha.

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