New Standard Chinese - Intermediate Level (2 books & 6 CDs)

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Author: Fang Ming;
Language: Simplified/Traditional Chinese Characters, Pinyin, English
Format: 2 books & 6 CDs
Page: 239 (Book 1); 318 (Book 2)
Publication Date: 12/2004
ISBN: 9787301079799/7301079796(1);9787301079805/730107980X(2)
Publisher: Peking University Press
Series: New Standard Chinese

This package contains 2 books and 6 CDs.
New Standard Chinese Intermediate level can advance to the vocabulary and grammar of HSK level 1-6. Reading, listening, speaking and writing skills are expected to be improved by focusing on reading, listening, comprehension and oral practice.
Lesson 1-10 includes Conversation and Text, Vocabulary (simplified and traditional characters), Pinyin, Pronunciation Practice, and Notes.
Lesson 11-40 consists of Conversation and Text, Grammar, Scenes, Communication Items, Exercises, New Words, Grammar Notes and Exercises, Oral Practice and Reading. In simplified and traditional characters, Pinyin, and English. Price is for a set includes 2 book and 6 CDs.

Table of Contents

Book 1:


1. Riding a Bicycle;
2. Seeing a Doctor in the Hospital;
3. Doing Exercises;
4. Watching TV;
5. A Holiday Plan;
6. Talking about Beijing Opera;
7.  At the Clothing Store;
8. Accidental Encounter;
9. Contacting by Telephone;
10. Chatting;
11. Renting an Apartment;
12. An Interview;
13. Talking about Continuing Education;
14. Decorating an Apartment;
15. Beijing Roasted Duck;
16. Staying in a hotel;
17. At the Convenience Store;
18. At the Handicraft Store
19. Visiting a family;
20. Comprehensive test


Book 2:


21. Qinshihuang's Mausoleum in Xi'an;
22. My Mother-in-law and I are Friends;
23. Mr. Dongguo and the Wolf;
24. Kindergarten Regulations;
25. The stubborn old man;
26. The stepmother;
27. My second older sister;
28. He Jiaqing and Amorphophallus Rivieri;
29. Culture in Foreign language study;
30. Why not spend money?
31. Euthanasia challenges Chinese traditional morals;
32. Mrs. Brown;
33. Seeing his dodgy eyes;
34. Why must our children suffer by doing such hard work?
35. Sang Lan in the recovery center;
36. Planting flowers;
37. The date;
38. The "Chaff and Husk" wife;
39. Spring Festival;
40. Compehensive test.

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