I Love Learning Chinese: Specially Designed for Middle/High School Volume II

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Page: 175
Publication Date: 06/2007
ISBN: 9787301122778, 7301122772
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Table of Contents
第一单元 脏了队后,该怎么办?Chapter I What Do You Do after Getting Dirty?
 Mini-story 1-1 为什么又要我洗碗?Why Do You Want Me to Wash Dishes Again?
 Mini-story 1-2 海水脏了The Sea Is Dirty
 Mini-story 1-3 不要吃太多布丁D0 N0t Eat T00 Much Pudding
 Mini-story 1-4 帮我做一个冰淇淋吧!Help Me Make Ice—cream
 Mini-story 1-5 我想要吃中国菜I Want to Eat Chinese Food
 Chapter-story 快去洗澡Hurry up and Take a Shower
第二单元 朋友难找 Chapter II It Is Difficult to Find a Friend
 Mini-story 2-1 她什么都听不懂She Doesn’t Understand Anything
 Mini-story 2-2 一个书呆子A Book Worm
 Mini-story 2-3 帅哥Jason A Handsome Boy,Jason
 Mini-story 2-4 他们合不来They Don’t Get along Well
 Mini-story 2-5 Annie吐了Annie Vomited
 Chapter-story 十全十美的男朋友A Perfect Boyfriend
第三单元 我可以请你跳舞吗? Chapter III May I Ask You to Dance with Me?
Mini-story 3-1 Laura在中国Laura in China
Mini-story 3-2 Alan的音乐CD Alan’s Music CD
Mini-story 3-3 跳舞的故事A Story about the Dance
Mini-story 3-4 送夕卜卖的男孩儿A Boy Who Delivers Food
Mini-story 3-5 熊来了Here Comes a Bear
Chapter-story Kelly摔倒了Kelly Fell Down
第四单元你有很多爱好吗? Chapter IV Do You Have Many Hobbies?
Mini-story 4-1 Betty的生日Betty’s Birthday-
Mini-story 4-2 一根鱼骨头A Fish Bone
Mini-story 4-3 不用吃药No Need to Take Medicine
Mini-story 4-4 矮牙医和高巨人A Short Dentist and a Tall Giant
Mini-story 4-5 小乌感冒了A Bird Catches Cold
Chapter-story 一个男孩儿的爱好A Boy’s Hobby
I Love Learning Chinese: Specially Designed for Middle/High School Volume II