Low-Carbon Development

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Table of Contents
Part 1 Climate Change and China's National Conditions
1. China: Complex Climatic Conditions and A Fragile Eco-environment
2. Large Population and Relatively Low Economic Development of China.
3. Challenge of Energy Security in China
Part 2 Impact of Climate Change on China
1. Impact on Agriculture
2. Impact on Water Resources
3. Impact on Ecosystems
4. Impact on Coastal Zone
5. Impact on Public Health
Part 3 Chinese Government Attaches Great Importance to Addressing Climate Change
Part 4 Policies and Actions to Mitigate Climate Change
1. Optimizing Industrial Structure
2. Promoting Energy Conservation and Improving Energy Efficiency
3. Developing Low-carbon Energy
4. Controlling Non-energy-related Greenhouse Gas Emissions
5. Increasing Carbon Sink
6. Proactively Promoting Low Carbon Development in Localities
Part 5 Policies and Actions Adapted to Climate Change
1. Agriculture
2. Water Resources
3. Ocean
4. Hygiene and Health
5. Meteorology
Part 6 Basic Development of Capability
1. Relevant Regulations and Significant Policy Documents
2. Improving Management Systems and Working Mechanisms
3. Enhancing Statistical and Accounting Capabilities
4. Strengthening Scientific and Technological Support
5. Strengthening Education and Training
Part 7 Participation of the Whole Society
1. Proactive Government Guidance
2. Positive Action by Non-governmental Organizations
3. Great Attention from the News Media
4. Broad Public Participation
Part 8 Extensive International Cooperation
1. Proactive Participation in International Negotiations
within the UN Framework
2. Broad Participation in Relevant International Dialogue and Exchanges...
3. Expanding Cooperation with International Organizations
4. Strengthening Practical Cooperation with Developed Countries
5. Deepening Practical Cooperation with Developing Countries
6. Proactively Cooperating on Clean Development Mechanism Projects.
Part 9 0biectives, Policies and Actions during the 12th Five-Year Plan Period
1. Main Objectives
2. Policies and Actions
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Low-Carbon Development