Green China Dream: The Clear Rivers to the North

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I always believe that everything has its destiny and that nature would operate according to rules. All crimes against nature will be punished. Only if the rules are followed, can disasters be avoided.
Experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the People’s University of China released a report which stated the urban capacity of Beijing has reached the danger level and thus Beijing is in a state of crisis.1 The major reason is that as the pressure on city capacity increases, the capacity to support the population decreases.
Shi Minjun, Vice Director of the Virtual Economy and Data Science Research Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, who was a co-author of the report, says that the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region has a serious water resource shortage problem and its water resource per capita is well below the international standard for a serious water shortage.
According to the analysis in the report, Beijing’s local water resource could only support 6.67 million people, 40 percent of the current population.
This Spring, when we were worried about Beijing’s water resource shortage, many people were devoting themselves in a dedicated way to the south-to-north water diversion project.
Let’s take a look at the Eastern Line first. In spring, the water flows vigorously.
At 12:58 p.m. March 15, when the order to “turn on the dam and release the water” was given at Jiangsu Suining Second Station, a gap suddenly opened at the downstream cofferdam. The usually peaceful Xuhong River rushed through the pipeline, along the river and into the Suining Station. The wing walls on both sides were like open arms.
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Green China Dream: The Clear Rivers to the North