Chinese Culture in Snacks

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Table of Contents
Chinese Pastries
Steamed Bun
Round Dumpling
Chinese Drinks
Fried Delicacies
Rice and Other Foods
Rich Snacks with Local Characteristics
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Sample pages of Chinese Culture in Snacks (ISBN:9787507215045)

Sample pages of Chinese Culture in Snacks (ISBN:9787507215045)

Chinese people invented many interesting snacks with sugar.Heat cane sugar and malt sugar and then make them into a3.3-centimeter-long (1 cun) golden stick by filling, rolling andcutting, which is called "One-cun-gold-shaped candy". Or, boil themalt sugar into syrup and add some essence and dry rose petals.While cooled for some time, the syrup can be rolled into a slimstick. Cut it with scissors and you'll find the candy cut down like aZongzi, thus it's named as "Zongzi-shaped candy". Also, add aspoonful of white granulated sugar into a kind of special machineand meanwhile stir it with a bamboo stick, you'll get a puffy twirl ofcotton candy. Moreover, another candy made of maltose is heldby two bamboo sticks. Winding one of the two sticks in a figure-of-eight, the color of candy will change from translucent brown toopaque white. The more you wind candy around the stick, the moredelicious the candy is. If you can not wait to put the candy into yourmouth, you'll find it a little acid. Only by labor can you eat sweetcandy.
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Chinese Culture in Snacks