Green Tea

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Fully illustrated with color photos. Why is tea the national drink of China? Why is tea regarded as symbolizing the harmony and myterious unity of the universe? Why is the loose-leaf Chinese tea more beneficial than the tea bags? How many types of Chinese tea are available? How to make the best cup of Chinese tea?
A visitor to the home of tea has so many questions. Understanding them will bring you closer to the history and mystery of tea.
Apprecicating Chinese Tea will lead you, step by step, to the wonderful world of tea.

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Since the first cup brewed almost 5,000 years ago, green tea's popularity has increased to the point that it is presently the second most popular beverage in the world. As the name suggests, the tea is green in color.
At first glance, all brewed tea appear the same, but a connoisseur is able to identify the different varieties of green tea through the appearance and color of the dried tea——the flat Long Jing tea; the snail shell-like outwardly curling Bi Luo Chun tea and the bamboo-green Zhu Ye Qing, all tell their own stories.
Table of Contents
PART 1 Introduction to Green Tea
I. Production Areas of Green Tea
II. Classification of Green Tea
IV. Processing Green Tea
Column 1. Organic Tea

PART 2 A Survey of Famous Green
Teas in China
I. Famous Green Tea in Zhejiang Province
II. Green Tea in Jiangsu Province
Column 2. Quality Safety Certification
III. Green Tea in Anhui Province
IV. Green Tea in Sichuan Province
V. Green Tea in Henan Province
VI. Green Tea in Jiangxi Province
VII. Green Tea in Hunan Province
Column 3. Green Tea Storage
VIII. Green Tea in Shandong Province
IX. Green Tea in Guizhou Province
X. Green Tea in Shaanxi Province
Column 4. Fu Xi Tea Varieties
XI. Green Tea in the Guangxi Region
XII. Green Tea in Yunan Province
Column 5. Green Tea in Japan

PART 3 Reprocessed Green Tea
I. Scented Tea
Column 6. Jasmine Tea
II. Compressed Green Tea
III. Green Tea Extract
IV. Green Tea Bags
V. Beverages and Foods Containing Green Tea
Column 7. Ku Ding Tea

PART 4 Brewing Fragrant Green Tea
I. Six Key Factors for Brewing Green Tea
Column 8. Tea Polyphenols & Free Radicals

PART 5 Sensory Evaluation of Tea
Evaluating Green Tea
Issues Critical to Green Tea Evaluation
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Green Tea