Tea History of Thousands of Years: An outline of Huzhou Tea Culture

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Sprouting Tender Bud:Huzhou Tea Culture in the Qin and Han Dynasties
1.1 Remarks before the Sprout of Tea Culture of Huzhou
1.1.1 International Academic Views on the Origin of Tea
1.1.2 A Long History of Tea and Tea Drinking in China
1.1.3 On the Legend of Fangfengshi and the Baked Bean Tea
1.2 Huzhou Tea Culture Beginning to Sprout
1.2.1 Huzhou Tea and Tea Culture in the Western and Eastern Han Dynasties
1.2.2 Huzhou Tea and Tea Activities during the Three Kingdoms Period, the Western and Eastern Jin Dynasties and the Southern and Northern Dynasties

Chapter 2 Rapid Boom.Huzhou Tea Culture in the Sui and Tang Dynasties
2.1 The Basic Situation of Huzhou Tea Culture
2.2 Lu Yu's Main Activities in Huzhou
2.2.1 Seclusion in the Tiaoxi River of Huzhou
2.2.2 Investigating the Tea Area of Huzhou
2.2.3 Writing The Classic of Tea in Huzhou
2.3 The Main Content and Significance of The Classic of Tea by Lu Yu
2.4 Celebrities and Anecdotes of Tea in Huzhou in the Tang Dynasty
2.4.1 Yuan Gao and His World-renowned "Poem of Tea Mountain"
2.4.2 Yu Di and Autographed Stone Inscriptions on Guzhu Mountain
2.4.3 Cui Yuanliang and "You Are Tasting the Best Kind of Zisun Tea"
2.4.4 Zhang Wengui and His Line "To Announce the Arrival of Zisun from Wuxing"
2.4.5 Du Mu and "Praising Zisun Tea as King of Tea"

Chapter 3 Tortuous Development:Huzhou Tea Culture in the Song and Yuan Dynasties
3.1 Huzhou Tea Production after the Tea-producing Center Being Shifted Southward
3.2 The Unfolding Change in the Way of Tea Production
3.3 Tea-drinking Gradually Became a Custom and an Art
3.4 Celebrities and Huzhou Tea Affairs in the Song and Yuan Dynasties
3.5 Huzhou's Tea Books, Tea Poetry and Qu Poems on Tea

Chapter 4 Further Prosperity:Huzhou Tea Culture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties
4.1 Tea Production and Management
4.2 Sudden Rise of Luojie Tea
4.3 Changes in the Processing Technology and Ways of Drinking
4.4 Administration of Tea
4.5 Tea Books (Articles) and Tea Literati

Chapter 5 Toward New Splendor:Contemporary Huzhou Tea Culture
5.1 Survey of Tea Industry in Huzhou since the Republic of China
5.1.1 Tea Industry in Huzhou in the Republic of China
5.1.2 Development of Tea Production in Huzhou after the Founding of the PRC
5.2 Distribution of Tea Region
5.2.1 High Quality Mountain Tea Area
5.2.2 Hill Tea Area
5.3 Famous Huzhou Tea
5.3.1 Historical Traditional Famous Tea
5.3.2 Creative Modern Famous Tea
5.4 Tea House Industry and Customs of Tea-drinking
5.5 Overview of Historical Sites of I-luzhou Tea Culture
5.5.1 Mt. Miaofeng Scenic Area
5.5.2 Mt. Guzhu Scenic Area
5.5.3 Sites in the City of Huzhou
5.5.4 Other Sites
5.6 Books, Articles, Poems and Songs about Tea
5.7 Non-governmental Tea Organizations
5.7.1 Lu Yu Tea Culture Research Association of Huzhou
5.7.2 Tea Horticulture Institute of Huzhou
5.7.3 Huzhou Tea Industry Association

1.A Chronology of Lu Yu's Life
2.Lu Yu and The Classic of Tea
3.An Inventory of Tea Books in Huzhou Throughout the Ages
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Tea History of Thousands of Years: An outline of Huzhou Tea Culture