Pu-erh Tea

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“The liquid of tea is like the sweetest dew from heaven.”
  ——Lu Yu(733-804),Chinese Sage of Tea,The Classic of Tea
“You can taste and feel,but not describe the exquisite state of repose produced by tea-that precious drink which drives away the five causes of sorrow.”
  ——Emperor Qian Long,Qing Dynasty(1711-1799)

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Why is tea the national drink of China? Why is tea regarded as symbolizing the harmony and mysterious unity of the universe? Why is the loose-leaf Chinese tea more beneficial than the tea bags? How many types of Chinese tea are available? How to make the best cup of Chinese tea?…A visitor to the home of tea has so many questions.Understanding their answers will bring you closer to the history and mystery of tea.Appreciating Chinese Tea will lead you,step by step,to the wonderful world of tea.
Table of Contents
Part 1 Learning about Pu-erh Tea from Its Processing Techniques
Chinese Tea Classifications and Pu-erh Tea
Unveiling the Mysteries of Pu-erh Tea

Part 2 Classification of Pu-erh Tea
Popular Classification of Pu-erh Tea
Other Classifications of Pu-erh Tea

Part 3 Brewing Pu-erh Tea
Preparations for Making Pu-erh Tea
Pu-erh Tea & City Dwellers
Ethnic Tea Art
Pu-erh Tea as a Daily Drink
Making Pu-erh Tea in a Container inside a Teapot
Flavored Pu-erh Tea

Part 4 Appreciation of Pu-erh Tea
Appreciation of Raw Pu-erh Tea
Appreciation of Naturally Fermented Pu-erh Tea
Appreciation of Processed Pu-erh Tea
Special "Pu-erh Tea"

Part 5 The Purchase and Preservation of Pu-erh Tea and Its Health Benefits
How to Select and Buy Pu-erh Tea
How to Preserve Pu-erh Tea
Health-preserving Effect of Pu-erh Tea
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Pu-erh Tea (ISBN:9787508517438)

Sample pages of Pu-erh Tea (ISBN:9787508517438)

Naturally fermented Pu-erh tea becomes more mellow and fragrant with time. The color and fragrance of the dry tea and the color and taste of the tea liquid also improve with age.
The tea liquid color varies according to the number of storage years. The dry Pu-erh tea produced and consumed the same year is fresh, jade green and glossy in color with a sun-baked smell. Its tea liquid is similar to green tea, mildly fragrant with a sweet aftertaste. Pu-erh tea naturally fermented for 5 years is apricot yellow in color with a rich, lingering fragrance, mellow taste and a sweet and pleasant aftertaste. Dry Pu-erh tea, fermented naturally for 10-20 years, is the same as the tea processed with pile fermentation. Its tea liquid is bright red with a mellow and rich fragrance and flavor, gentle and refined taste and a sweet and pleasant aftertaste. However, the tea liquid of the 30-year-stored raw tea is similar to the tea naturally fermented for 5 years in terms of taste, color and fragrance.
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by Marco Spinelli on 2012-07-11 03:32:05
Book Pu-erh tea.
Great book, clear, complete, with good illustrations. Full of tips and suggestions. I highly recommend, for connoisseurs.
by Marco Spinelli on 2012-07-11 03:26:26
Book Appreciating Chinese Tea: Brewing Tea
Great book, clear, complete, with good illustrations. Full of tips and suggestions. I highly recommend.
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Pu-erh Tea