The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary Chinese-English Edition

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A good bilingual dictionary is based on trans-lation from one language to another and thus calls for a good dictionary in the mother tongue. The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary is such a dictionary, having been well received by a wide range of readers since its publication. With an overall distribution exceeding 40 million copies, its social influence can hardly be overestimated. The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary is characterized by its well-designed goals, impeccable format, felicitous selection of entries, ac-curate definitions, and concise examples. By organizing thetranslation of'' this dictionary into English and publishing it in a bilingual format, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press has made an originative contribution to the publication of Chinese-English dictionaries in China.

The Con-temporary Chinese Dictionary has been compiled at the request of the State Council to promote the popularization of standard Chinese. It serves as the standard dictionary of contemporary Chi-nese language usage. Standardization of a vocabulary cannot be achieved through administrative orders. Instead, the compilation of high-quality dictionaries on the basis of scientific research is an important means to reach this goal. In the instance of Chinese dictionaries, the lexicographers must obtain first-hand data on contemporary Chinese usage and organize it within the framework of advanced linguistic theories. The late linguists Lū Shuxiang and Ding Shengshu initiated the work on The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary, which has been carried on by a team of'' first-class lexicographers over many years. Their efforts are embodied in the more than one million in-dex cards of data, and their intensive intellectual processing of'' the plethora of data eventually ma -terialized in The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary, which was the first and still remains the best of its kind. Their diligence stands in sharp contrast with certain current practices that churn out dictionaries of poor quality or even plagiarize the work of others.






Table of Contents


Preface to the Chinese-English Edition


Notes on the Revised Chinese Edition

Guide to Using the Dictionary

Phonetic Guide

Table Of Comparison between O1d and New Character Patterns

Radicals Guide to Entries

The Dictionary (including New Words and New Senses,and Acronyms and Words Beginning With Greek or Latin Letters)


Chronology of Chinese History

Tables of Weights and Measures

Names of Radicals of Chinese Characters

Phonetic System of the Chinese Language

Periodic Table of Chemical Elem

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