A Concise Practical English - Chinese Dictionary

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  • Author: Fu Weici;
  • Language: Chinese & English & Pinyin
  • Format: 1 Book
  • Page: 683
  • Publication Date: 01/1999
  • ISBN: 7800527123
  • Publisher: Sinolingua Press
It's designed for learners of Chinese as a second language. Definitions for each entry are not only given in Chinese characters (simplified), but also marked with the part of speech and the form in pinyin. It contains over 10,000 headwords commonly used in daily life, work and social activities. It features essential terms in the fields of politics, and science and technology, including some new terms related to computers and the internet. The grammatical functions of English and Chinese words are given to make it easy for learners to compare and use the two languages. Chinese- character definitions and examples are accompanied by their pinyin form. Concise and practical examples with standard Chinese translations are presented for quick comprehension and practice.
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A Concise Practical English - Chinese Dictionary