IGCSE 0523 & IBDP Chinese B SL Future Textbook 2

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《展望》是为学习IGCSE 0523和IBDP Chinese B SL的学生编写的,共有两册,配有录音等电子资源。
Future is a set of coursebooks specially written for students who are learning IGCSE 0523 and IBDP Chinese B Standard Level courses. It contains two volumes accompanied by digital resources such as recordings.

Topics:In accordance with all the themes and important topics involved by IGCSE 0523 and IBDP Chinese B’s test syllabus.

Exercises: Exercises of speaking, listening, reading and writing are closely related to the test syllabus and examination requirements.

Inquiry: Enhancing students’ conceptual understanding by inquiry questions.

Culture: Leading students to understand China comprehensively by introducing Chinese traditional culture and contemporary society.
Table of Contents
Unit 1  My Personal World 个人世界/5
Lesson 1Community Life 社区生活 /7
Lesson 2Customs and Traditions 风俗与传统 /29
Lesson 3Lifestyle 生活方式 /53

Unit 2  Our World 我们的世界 /79
Lesson 4Science and Technology 科学与技术 /80
Lesson 5Arts 艺术 /106
Lesson 6Education and Future Career Plans  
教育与未来职业计划 /132

Unit 3  The World Around Us 同一个世界 /157
Lesson 7Globalization 全球化 /159
Lesson 8The Environment 环境 /182
Lesson 9Recycling Resource and Renewable Energy  回收资源与可再生能源 /205

Appendix Transcript 录音文本 /228
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IGCSE 0523 & IBDP Chinese B SL Future Textbook 2