Chinese Culture in Plants

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Table of Contents
Plum Blossom, the Herald of Spring
Ginkgo, the Living Fossil of Plants
Green Bamboo
Mulberry and Silkworm
Gardenia and White Michelia
What a Beautiful Jasmine Flower!
Peony, the Queen Flower
Plantain, Raindrops Pattering on
Lotus, Emerging Unstained from the Filth
Chrysanthemum Braving the Frost
Bloom of Peach
Golden Rapeseed Flowers
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Sample pages of Chinese Culture in Plants (ISBN:9787507214994)

Sample pages of Chinese Culture in Plants (ISBN:9787507214994)

Ginkgo, also being known as maidenhair tree, is a kind ofdeciduous tree as well as ornamental plant, which is 30-40meters' high. Ginkgo (silver apricot) and maidenhair (whitefruit) are both named after the color of its fruits. The shapesof ginkgo leaves are very special, like small fans. In the lateautumn, these green fans will turn to marvelous golden ones.The light and soft trunk as well as the beautiful grain makesginkgo a high-level craft carving material.The fruits of ginkgo are lovely sparkling green. They are no1only rich in nutrition, but also tasting delicious, glutinous,soft and smooth. But the fruit is not easy to get for itsslow growth. If you plant a ginkgo tree in your childhood, iiwould bear fruit when you are a grandfather, so people also name it"Gong-Sun (grandpa-grandson) Tree".Ginkgo is one of the most primitive tree species in the world as wellas special local product of China. According to the research, ginkgowas widely grown in Asia, Europe and American Continent 200million years ago. After the great changes of the natural conditions,most of the species were destroyed under the glacier and had beenfossilized. The only existing ones were conserved in China andcontinued to proliferate, which became the "living fossil" for plantmorphology research of the ancient seeds.Ginkgo has a long life span. The older the trunk is, the more vigorousand vibrant the tree will be. An old ginkgo which is planted in DinglinTemple, Juxian County, Shandong Province has been lived for over 3,500 years.
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Chinese Culture in Plants