Green Development

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China, the largest developing country in the world, is going all out to build itself into a moderately prosperous society during this critical stage of the transformation of economic development mode. Efforts are being made to tackle the environmental problems which result from the country's current economic mode, structure and consumption patterns. We need to try to solve these problems by changing the economic mode, adjusting the economic structure, and improving our consumption patterns. Taking protection of the environment as the basis for state policies, China is working to optimize its economic development, striving for a win-win success in terms of developing the economy and protecting the environment.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 New System Development for Environmental Protection
1. The Construction of Environmental Protection Organs have Made Positive
2. The Constantly Improved Environmental Protection Laws and Regulations
3. The Investment in Environmental Protection Increased Greatly
4. Improving Environmental Supervision System
5. Attaching Great Importance to Nuclear Safety and to the Prevention and
Control of Radioactive Pollution
Chapter 2 Pollution Control and Prevention
1. Reversing the Momentum of the Considerable Rise of the Total Pollutant
2. The Industrial Structure Upgrade and Technological Improvement
3. The Supervision Capacity of Environmental Protection
4. The Environmental Quality
5. The Consciousness of Environmental Protection
Chapter 3 Ecological Protection and Construction
1. Carrying out Biodiversity Protection in an All-around Way
2. Stably Pushing Forward Ecological Construction Pilots
3. Constantly Enhancing Management of Nature Reserve
4. Gradual Promotion on the Regional Ecological Protection
5. The Soil Environment Protection
Chapter 4 Economy and Environment
1. Green Credit
2. Environmental Pollution Liability Insurance
3. Green Trade
4. Promoting the Implementation of the Tax Preferential Policy on
Environmental Protection
5. Green Price
6. Ecological Compensation
7. Emissions Trading
8. Pollution Charges
Chapter 5 Environmental Impact Assessment
1. Significant Progress in System Constructions
2. The Participation of Comprehensive Decision-making
3. Preventing Environmental Pollution at the Source
4. The Promotion of the Team Power and Capability Construction
Chapter 6 Environmental Technology and Industry
1. Vigorously Implementing the Strategy of Rejuvenating Environmental
Protection through Science and Technology
2. Implementing the Three Big Basic and Strategic Environmental Protection
3. Guaranteeing the Role of Science and Technology and Actively Supporting
National Major Strategic Dispositions and Activities
4. Increasing Science and Technology Cooperation Capability and Improving
the Environmental Management Level
5. Responding Scientifically to Environmental Accidents and Natural
Chapter 7 Environmental Education and Public Participation
1. The Publicity of Environmental News
2. Organizing Major Promotion Campaigns
3. Guiding the Public Participation
4. Pushing forward the Environmental Education for All Levels of Society
Chapter 8 International Cooperation in Environmental Protection
1. Dealing with the Dispute of Water Pollution cross Boundary between China
and Russia
2. The Promotion of Environmental Protection, with the Reference and
Introduction of American, Japanese, and European Advanced
Environmental Protection Ideas and Management System
3. Continuously Improving the Policy Consulting Mechanism of the China
Council for International Co-operation on Environment and Development
4. Promoting Environment Protection Cooperation with the Developing
Countries such as ASEAN and Opening up South-south Cooperation
Process of Environmental Protection
5. China-Africa Cooperation in Environmental Protection
6. Enhancing the Cooperation with the UNEP
7. Earnestly Implementing the International Environmental Conventions
and Making Positive Contribution to the Global Sustainable Development
8. Promoting the Environmental Cooperation Among China, Japan and Soutt
Korea and Establishing the Regional Model of Dialogue and Cooperation
9. Enhancing the International Cooperation on Nuclear Security and
Providing Service for the Domestic Nuclear Power Security Development
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