Creativity in China

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Level: 高校英语学习者, 成人英语学习者
It seems that gone are the days when everything was dominated by relying only on capital and technology and an era of creative ideas is approaching with the arrival of the new century, an epoch for creative industry to grow up vigorously. The space and potentialities for developing creative industry in China are huge: various kinds of industries are updating, the society needs creative industry emergently, and China is available with rich resources for developing creating industry. The 2008 Beijing Olympic Game and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo will be the important opportunities for developing creative industry in China. It is possible that China will make use of these opportunities to have a development by leaps and bounds,jumping from "Made in China" to "Created by China".
Table of Contents
An Imagination with No Boundary: Creative Industry in China
 Fitting "Chinese Chips" in Products
 Architecture Meaning More than House-Building
 A LOFT Tide of Turning the Old into the New
 Creative Ideas in Modem Consumption
 Creative Ideas Making Things Meaningful
Living in the 25th Hour:Media Works
 TV Connecting You, Me and Him
 "To Fish" World All:airs in One "Net"
 New Tricks of Plane Media
Letting Imagination Dance:Designers and Planners
 Weaving Beautiful Dreams
 Plucking the "Solidified Music"
 Making Green Ads
 Gripping Consuners'Minds
 The Artistic Space Affected by Planners
The 7th Space:Creative Cities in China
 Beijing: An Ancient Capital full of Vitality
 Shanghai: An Ambitious Bright Pearl in the Orient
 Guangzhou: A Famous Ancient and Open City in the South
 Shenzhen: A Completely New City Born for Creative Ideas
 Changsha: A City of Leisure and Culture
 Hangzhou: A Dreamlike City by the West Lake
The Green Sky:Investment Environments of Creative Industry in China
 Government: An Engine for Creative Industry
 Intellectual Property Rights: The Soul of Creative Industry
 Talents: An Accelerator for Creative Industry
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Creativity in China