Everyday Chinese - Chinese Course Book for Middle Schools in Thailand 8

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Format: Book + MP3
Page: 135
Publication Date: 05/2019
ISBN: 9787561953426
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Usage Advice: Itis suggested that five class hours be devoted for each unit.

Level: Elementary, Middle School

Everyday Chinese—Chinese Course Book for Middle Schools in Thailand is a series of country-specific textbooks designed for middle schools in Thailand. In accordance with the “Standards for Middle School Chinese Teaching” in Thailand, this series has been designed along three lines—communicative functions, linguistic structures, and cultural contents, and has incorporated the vocabulary, grammar points, functions and topics in the HSK Guideline. It is suitable for Thai students from first year in junior high to last year in senior high. Novice learners will reach the level of HSK 4 after learning this series.
This is Book 8 in the series, with 30 lessons, covering 18 communicative tasks, 33 grammar points and 107 new words. There are altogether five units, focusing on five topics—“school life”, “after-class activities”, “shopping”, “leisure and entertainment”, and “travel experiences”; each unit contains six lessons—three “communicative texts”, one “reading and narration” lesson, one “expansion and communication” lesson, and one “review and culture” lesson. At the end of the book is a test paper.
This book is characterized by simple, interesting and practical content, beautiful, concise and colorful design, and abundant supportive resources (including courseware, images, audios, videos, etc.). Learners can scan the QR code to listen to the recordings on the back cover or download the audio files.

About the Author
Zhu Ruiping is the executive dean of College of Chinese Language and Culture, Beijing Normal University, and the deputy executive director of Beijing Center for International Chinese Education, whose research interests include Chinese philology, international Chinese education, collation of ancient books, and Chinese culture, etc. Mr. Zhu has published more than 40 academic papers, more than one million Chinese characters of edited works, and more than 300,000 Chinese characters of monographs. He has hosted or participated in several big national and international projects.

Feng Liping, professor in the College of Chinese Language and Culture, Beijing Normal University, mainly engages in the studies of Chinese language cognition and L2 Chinese learning and teaching, and has hosted several research projects sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Hanban.
Everyday Chinese - Chinese Course Book for Middle Schools in Thailand 8