New Practical Chinese Reader 3 (3 Books + 1 DVD + 3CDs)

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This set includes: textbook 3, workbook 3, and Instructor's Manual 3, 1DVD and 3CDs.
New Practical Chinese series!
This series have 6 volumes. Each textbook is accompanied by a Workbook, a Instructor's Manual, some multimedia CDs. This price is for SET 3.
"New Practical Chinese Textbooks" are a new publication for native English speakers and people who take English as their communication language.
"New Practical Chinese Textbooks" keep welcomed features of preceding, "Practical Chinese Textbooks", which were favored by users all over the world and tested by a long time of use. The new publication takes referenced from Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Syllabus. In order to make Chinese language learning easier and more interesting, these books have a new design, showing much originality and innovation.
1. Students will be transplanted into Chinese cultural environments together with foreign characters Ding Libo (son of Gu Bo and Ding Yun), Lin Na and Ma Dawei. Through happenings between these characters and their Chinese classmates, teachers, journalists and tourist guides, students are able to learn idiomatic Chinese, gain knowledge about Chinese society and culture.
2. Each lesson is headed by introductory remarks that tell students what they will learn from the lesson and what they will do after it so as to evoke their interest.
3. This publication emphasizes task objectives, topics and a function-item study. Students are asked to communicate in Chinese at the very beginning.
4. This publication emphasizes the teaching of pronunciation, characters, grammar, morphemes, words, expressions and sentences. Teaching of them is arranged in cycles. By 4 big ones and many small ones and unit revisions, studying is made at a well-paced steady progress like a spiral escalation. Students are assisted in basic Chinese language structures.
5. Following structural rules of Chinese characters, students will start with strokes in a character, radicals, components and single-elements, and then the method of combing parts into new characters. In this way, they will come to know and learn how to write these wonderful characters.
6. The book emphasizes a comprehensive training and balanced development of skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. It provides a large number of exercise materials for on-class or after-class exercises, including sample advertisements, timetables and headlines from newspapers in 20 varieties.
7. A wide coverage of interesting and absorbing topics. The first two volumes give knowledge of customs and culture closely related to Chinese expressions and understanding. The third and fourth volumes compare Chinese culture with a Western one through interesting and focused topics. The fifth and sixth volumes introduce various aspects of Chinese society, reflecting traditional Chinese culture and a contemporary life.
8. Contents are arranged in a flexible way, highly adaptable to learners on different levels with different needs.
Every lesson includes introductory remarks, a text, new words, additional new words, explanatory notes, exercises and practices, reading and retelling, grammar, characters and cultural knowledge. Texts in original complex form of characters, new words and characters index are given at the end of the book.
Table of Contents
第二十七课 Lesson 27 入乡随俗
第二十八课 Lesson 28 礼轻情意重
第二十九课 Lesson 29 请多提意见
第三十课 Lesson 30 他们是练太极剑的
第三十一课 Lesson 31 中国人叫她“ 母亲河”
第三十二课 Lesson 32 这样的问题现在也不能问了(复习 Review)
第三十三课 Lesson 33 保护环境就是保护我们自己
第三十四课 Lesson 34 神女峰的传说
第三十五课 Lesson 35 汽车我先开着
第三十六课 Lesson 36 北京热起来了
第三十七课 Lesson 37 谁来埋单
第三十八课 Lesson 38 你听,他叫我“太太”(复习 Review)
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