Stories of Folk Customs: The Story Behind the Dragon Boat Festival

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The Story Behind the Dragon Boat Festival is the third volume of Chinese folk stories. It tells that: because of the Qins invasion and incompetence of the King of the Chu, Qu Yuan intended to serve his country but failed to find a way; he became desperate about the reality and showed high ideals with his committing suicide. On May 5 of the lunar calendar (which was a traditional festival back then in the Chu state), Qu Yuan went to riverside of Guluo River where he was exiled and threw himself into the water with a huge stone in his arms. This day was established as Dragon Boat Festival by the later generations, when people commemorate Qu Yuan by holding dragon boat races, eating zongzi, hanging mugwort leaves on the door, and drinking realgar liquor.

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Then, Qu Yuan is 62 years old, spent more than 20 years of wandering life, his future in the state of Chu was desperate, in this year lunar calendar in May fifth day of the fifth month of dawn, his arms a block of stone into the surging of the Miluo River.
Qu Yuan River after the news, Chu people very sad.Their boat, fishing men and women,old and young, came from Qu Yuan's body from all sides.

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Stories of Folk Customs: The Story Behind the Dragon Boat Festival