Chinese Business Etiquette DVD

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Level: Beginner

Chinese Business Etiquette helps foreign businessmen do better business in China.
  • This product introduces Chinese business etiquette to foreign businessmen to help them gain a better understanding of Chinese business culture.
  • It assists foreign businessmen overcome the problems in cross-cultural communication in comparative perspective.
  • It provides some basic Chinese expressions that foreign businessmen need in business activities in China.
  • It is presented in English with introductions by the presenter, interview with senior officials of foreign enterprises in China and related business scenes.
  • It consists of 5 DVDs, each focusing on one topic. There are 34 episodes in total with 10 minutes for each episode.
DVD 1: Basic Consensus
¨          Essential Principles
¨          Making Initial Contact
¨          Maintaining Business Relationship
¨          Hierarchy
¨          Relationship at Work
DVD 2: Business Meeting
¨          Addressing Each Other
¨          Self-introduction
¨          Making Introductions
¨          Use of Name Cards/using
¨          Greetings
¨          Dining
¨          Drinking
¨          Saying Good-bye
DVD 3: Daily Behavior
¨          Body Language
¨          Dress Codes
¨          Use of the Door
¨          Use of Public Elevators
¨          Riding a Car with Others
¨          Fengshui and Business
DVD 4: Communication Skill
¨          Business Meetings
¨          Conflict Management
¨          Negotiation
¨          Making and Receiving Compliments
¨          Dealing with Disagreements
¨          Sympathy Etiquette
¨          Requesting and Offering Help
DVD 5: Interpersonal Relationship
¨          Receiving Visitors from China
¨          Common Topics for Social Events
¨          Receiving Guests at Home
¨          Gift Giving and Receiving
¨          Being a Host at Office
¨          Being a Visitor at Office
¨          Traveling on a Business Trip
¨          Holidays
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Chinese Business Etiquette DVD