Chinese for Managers Everyday Chinese Vol.1 (with 2 CD)

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Chinese for Managers Series, written by teachers in BFSU and sponsored by EU-China Junior managers training programme, is designed specifically for the business Chinese learners. It consists of Phonetics, Everyday Chinese, and Business Chinese. Phonetics only has one volume and is used as a supporting material in the elementary stage, while the other two are both divided into 2 volumes. Everyday Chinese focuses on elementary Chinese in daily life, with business Chinese in office environment as a subsidiary. Business Chinese mainly focuses on professional business Chinese in commercial communication, with commercial Chinese reflecting socio-economic life as a subsidiary.

Chinese for Managers: Everyday Chinese is designed for learners who know little or no Chinese to begin with, especially those doing business with China. Embodying the principles of practicability and pertinence. Everyday Chinese features 20 topics that foreigners doing business in China will most likely encounter on a daily basis. Everyday Chinese comes in two volumes and this is the first volume. Each of its 20 lessons features the following columns: Warming-up, Dialogues, Text, Grammar, Exercises, Additional New Words and Expressions and Do as the Chinese do. Everyday Chinese is made for a six-month training programme, with each lesson taking up 10~12 hours.

About the Author
Li Ming, Associate Professor of School of Chinese Language and Literature at Beijing Foreign Studies University, MA supervisor. Her research field is in TCSL and the education history of Chinese in an international context. Her works include Vocabulary Teaching and Acquisition Study in TCSL.
Table of Contents
第一课 你是英国人吗?
第二课 您贵姓?叫什么名字?
第三课 你最近忙吗
第四课 我家一共有五口人
第五课 这是一台电脑
第六课 你在哪儿工作?
第七课 今天是小王的生日
第八课 我的一天
第九课 您想买点什么?
第十课 你们有什么特色菜?
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Sample pages of Chinese for Managers Everyday Chinese Vol.1 (with 2 CD) (ISBN:9787560082424)
Sample pages of Chinese for Managers Everyday Chinese Vol.1 (with 2 CD) (ISBN:9787560082424)
Chinese for Managers Everyday Chinese Vol.1 (with 2 CD)