Business Chinese Conversation vol.2 [Intermediate] - Textbook with 1CD (2007 Revised Edition)

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Author: Huang Weizhi;
Language: English
Format: 1 Book + 1 CD
Page: 317
Publication Date: 01/2008
ISBN: 9787561919781

This is Volume Two of Business Chinese Conversation (Intermediate), including one textbook and one recording MP3.

The book covers all aspects concerning foreigners' business activities in China, such as establishing contact, signing contracts, credit risks and management, online transaction, three kinds of enterprises with foreign investment, township enterprise, the reform and opening up policy, etc. It has included the new situations, topics and expressions in contemporary China's foreign economy and trade. A short article of interesting content and vivid language at the end of each lesson introduces the rich folk culture. After finishing the Intermediate volume, students will get to know 40 topics in Chinese economy and the related terms.

Huang Weizhi, graduated from the Department of Chinese, Beijing Normal University, is a professor in University of International Business and Economics. He was awarded the prize for excellent achievement in philosophy and social science among Beijing colleges in 1992. His publications include: Essentials of Chinese Poems (3 volumes), the Business Chinese Conversation series (elementary, intermediate and advanced), the TV series Chinese for Business (26 volumes), Business Chinese (26 volumes) broadcast on CCTV, and International Business Chinese (50 volumes) supervised by Hanban and Ministry of Education.
Business Chinese Conversation vol.2 [Intermediate] - Textbook with 1CD (2007 Revised Edition)