Business Chinese Conversation (the Fourth Edition) Intermediate I

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Usage Advice: It can be used in long term with Business ChineseConversation (Elementary) and Business Chinese Conversation (Advanced).

Level: Intermediate
For College, Adults

“Business Chinese Conversation” is a series of specialized spoken Chinese textbooks for business purposes, encompassing the various aspects of doing business in China. This is VolumeI ofBusiness Chinese Conversation (Intermediate), suitable for international students majoring in business Chinese, covering all the aspects of foreigners' doing business in China: establishing contact, bargaining, signing the contract, methods of payment, customs inspection, agency agreement, online platforms for international business, etc. This revised edition reflects the latest trends, topics and expressions that have emerged in China's foreign trade, which is a great help for international students to learn about the current situation of China. After finishing this volume, students can learn about the topics and relevant terms in 20 economic fields.

About the Author
Huang Weizhi, graduated from the Department of Chinese, Beijing Normal University, is a professor in University of International Business and Economics. He was awarded the prize for excellent achievement in philosophy and social science among Beijing colleges in 1992. His publications include: Essentials of Chinese Poems (3 volumes), the Business Chinese Conversation series (elementary, intermediate and advanced), the TV series Chinese for Business (26 volumes), Business Chinese (26 volumes) broadcast on CCTV, and International Business Chinese (50 volumes) supervised by Hanban and Ministry of Education.
Business Chinese Conversation (the Fourth Edition) Intermediate I