Business Chinese Conversation (The Fourth Edition) Elementary Vol. 2

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Usage Advice: 1. This is awide-ranging book which attaches particular attention to preview and review. Besides,it is important for students to find the key words, important sentences andcore content of each lesson according to the hint in the title, and the restcan be acquired and mastered through later reappearances.2. Every twolessons constitute one subject, with an in-class text and an after-class text. Forthe preview and review of each subject, the teacher can ask students to walkaround participating in corresponding social practice.3. Volume 2 is for one academic semester, with four class hours for each lesson and six class hours a week.

Level: Elementary


Business Chinese Conversation (Elementary) (The Fourth Edition, Vol. 2) adopts a teaching system that combines in-class learning with after-class activities in consideration of the communicative properties of language. The language material highlights the characteristics of business Chinese textbooks, subtly integrating daily life, school life with business life. The topics covered include buying and selling, bargaining, choosing goods, commercial services, sales advertising, management characteristics, public relations, sales tactics, etc., which are close to life and practical. The fourth edition has made some up-to-date reflection and interpretation of the new situations and tendencies of the Chinese economy and society (such as the “Belt and Road” initiative, “Made in China”, and “Internet +”), which may help foreigners get better knowledge of the current state of China.
While keeping the layout and basic contents of the previous edition, the fourth edition of Volume 2 has added four new texts, revised certain texts and added some exercises. It also provides English translation of the texts, a total list of vocabulary and accompanying audio files.

About the Author
Huang Weizhi, graduated from the Department of Chinese, Beijing Normal University, is a professor in University of International Business and Economics. She was awarded the prize for excellent achievement in philosophy and social science among Beijing colleges in 1992. Her publications include: Essentials of Chinese Poems (4 volumes), the Business Chinese Conversation series (elementary, intermediate and advanced), the TV series Chinese for Business (26 volumes), Business Chinese (26 volumes) broadcast on CCTV, and International Business Chinese (50 volumes) supervised by Hanban and Ministry of Education.
Business Chinese Conversation (The Fourth Edition) Elementary Vol. 2