Business Chinese Conversation (The Fourth Edition) Elementary Vol. 1

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Level: Beginner,Elementary ,Intermediate

College, Adults

Business Chinese Conversation (Elementary) (The Fourth Edition) Vol. 1 is meant for Chinese beginners, which is based on the daily business routines and covers a broad range of knowledge that is abundant and realistic. Lessons 1-4 concentrate on the teaching of the Chinese phonetic alphabet or pinyin. Starting from Lesson 5, there are two lessons for each topic. Daily business life is divided into several parts, each of which is presented in two lessons and adopts a system which combines learning in class and after class. After the students learn both the in-class and after-class texts, they have also learned the daily expressions for one aspect of “economic life”. English translation of each text is provided at the back of the book, which helps students better understand and use English. The textbook, with its active and lively style, will arouse great interest among students, motivate them to learn, and take into account the extraordinary learning capabilities of adults. After learning this book, students can master pinyin and 15 daily expressions used in economic life.

About the Author
Huang Weizhi, graduated from the Department of Chinese, Beijing Normal University, is a professor in University of International Business and Economics. She was awarded the prize for excellent achievement in philosophy and social science among Beijing colleges in 1992. Her publications include: Essentials of Chinese Poems (4 volumes), the Business Chinese Conversation series (elementary, intermediate and advanced), the TV series Chinese for Business (26 volumes), Business Chinese (26 volumes) broadcast on CCTV, and International Business Chinese (50 volumes) supervised by Hanban and Ministry of Education.

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Business Chinese Conversation (The Fourth Edition) Elementary Vol. 1